Franky's Race Report

Hi and welcome to the 2nd last club championship event of the 2013/14 summer season and also the 2nd round of the WP DIRT OVAL CHAMPIONSHIP at Tygerberg Raceway. With cars from the host club, Cape Hell Drivers and Kleinplasie Raceway it was a Battle Royal out there on the day.


IN THE 1660 CLASS…..

There were 22 entries in this class and as usual it was always going to be a fight for survival and a fight for your life out there. Tiaan Scott, Tersius v Tonder, Kyle v Dyk, Shawn Bester, Michael Reynolds, Grant Kirchner, Cedric Burger, JP du Plessis, JP du Plessis (jnr), Jacques du Plessis, Dirk Bosman, Willie Richter, Christiaan Richter, Wayne Skinner, Willem v Zyl, Marius Vos, Victor Fryde and a whole lot more came out to do battle on the night. One of the night’s biggest crashes came in this class when Victor Fryde was clipped from behind by another driver namely Willie v Zyl which sent him packing at high speed into the wall on the main straight and this resulted in major damage to the Golf ( Victor walked away unharmed from the incident ). Schalk vd Westhuizen did well in the beginning but had a sick sounding Golf as the night went on. Michael Reynolds started the night off in good spirits but also had a mechanical issue with his Corsa as the evening progressed. We also welcomed back Basie Burger to the fray but his Golf started to smoke rather badly after race one and he retired soon after that. Dirk Bosman was not his usual self out there as he for unknown reasons was stuck at the back of the pack most of the night. Christiaan Richter arrived with a whole new Polo Hatch on Saturday, he had his fair share of problems but when that car is right he’ll be difficult to catch, but the finals of the evening belonged to the foursome of Tersius v Tonder and all the Du Plessis family members as they supplied us with a final of note as the Du Plessis’s were all over the back of v Tonder from start to finish, one waited for something to give but they all provided us with a great race…. After all the action was done it was… 1st Tersius v Tonder, 2nd Jacques du Plessis, 3rd JP du Plessis. 



Villiers, Thys Valentyn, Carlo de Lang, Ruan Koen and the “ TIN TOPS “ of Gavin Fleming, Hein Etzebeth and Wade Marshal were all in it. The heat of the battle was red hot as all of them left it all on the track. Sadly for Ruan Koen he retired his Golf very early in race 1 with car issues. Gavin Fleming had an event he’d rather forget when in the 2nd race of the night his left rear wheel broke off and sent him heading towards the wall in T1 luckily both car and wheel missed everything out there in that incident. Michaela Norman was (as usual) making all the guys work very hard out there as she is one of the top lady racers out there. During the finals of the event there was contact in T1 between Leigh de Wet, Jaco Warrington and Wade Marshal with cars all over the place, this forced a full yellow flag situation. However it was Thys Valentyn, Matthew Jefferies, Dewald de Villiers and Carlo de Lang that went hard at it the whole night and it was no surprise that the top three was going to come from them. It was awesome to see Richard Griessen join us at TRW and he did very well after not racing at Tygerberg for many a year (hope to see you back soon Sir Richard)… When all was over it was… 1st Thys Valentyn, 2nd Carlo de Lang, 3rd Matthew Jefferies.



Han-Koch Brand, Roger Youngs, Bryan Grimbeek, Wade Grimbeek, Nicky Koeglenberg, Dylan Nel, Gert Brink, Tiaan Louw, JP Kotze, Hendrick Beets, Raniel Koeglenberg, Bobby Ray, Shafick Firfirey and Jacques Bester were out there. Jacques Bester was racing a borrowed car as he was busy setting it up for a 2.1 mod driver. Wade and Bryan Grimbeek were at one time giving it horns on the track as the father/son combination entertained us royally. Raniel Koeglenberg, Bobby Ray and Shafiek Firfury also had a great little dice between them at one stage until Raniel broke away from them, but the boys to watch out there was Tiaan Louw, Nicky Koeglenberg, Han-Koch Brand, Dylan Nel and JP Kotze…. When it all was over it was…. 1st Tiaan Louw, 2nd Nicky Koeglenberg, 3rd Han-Koch Brand.



Duane Prinsloo, Attie Nel, Steven Heydenrich, Bennie Olivier, Hennie Bosch, Johan Engelbrecht, Burger vd Merwe, Arrie v Zyl, Chris Gardner and Johan Mills were the V8 men out there. During the 1st race there was an situation in T1 involving Arrie v Zyl, Bennie Olivier and Johan Engelbrecht where they all spun out, sadly for Arrie something broke on his New Era V8 and that side-lined him for the entire event.